Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting started :)

Well, I must say that getting this blog together has been a bit of a chore LOL! Between work and kids and the excuse that I'd rather sit and knit at night I don't seem to be getting much organized.

That being said...
I'm really looking forward to sharing some great ideas and links. I think it will be fun to share projects as I go and then be able to look back on them later.
As usuall, I have a few projects on the go currently. I'm totally into doll clothing at the moment so most of my attention is there. I love asian ball jointed dolls but have recently aquired a 16" vinyl bjd. They are so fun to dress and play with. I've included a picture of my Ariel in her new sweater. She's holding my first attempt at a crochet bear.

My best friend Sheri and I just got back from a big doll show a couple weeks ago and I managed to round up a few nice sewing patterns and I'm itching to have at them. My goal is to make complete outfits that will embrace my tiny hand knits. I will try and get some pictures up soon of some of my completed projects. (Still looking for some extra time to take them lol)
My latest knit was a pretty little hooded cardy with lace accents. It turned out beautifully except for the sleeve length...I almost cried! They turned out about an inch past her hands! I'm going to try her on another doll I have cuz I think her arms are a tad longer...let's hope! LOL! Lesson learned for sure...measure as you go!


  1. Nice start! About the sleeves - I have found that all doll patterns make the sleeves (and legs) too long. No idea why, but I always have to make them a lot shorter than the pattern calls for.

  2. Thanks for the advise!! I will definitely watch for that with future projects. This was the first I had done with full sleeves, all the others were short or half :)