Saturday, October 23, 2010

PJs for Freyja

I finally finished Freyja's second pair of PJs and it took forever to get some decent photos of her wearing them. I really think it's time for a new camera. My current one doesn't have a setting to eliminate hand shake and mine seem to always shake. Maybe Santa will be generous this year and bring me a new one!!! ha ha...not likely :)

I found the pattern for them here:

I had to adjust the width of the front top pattern piece by a wee bit (wider) for a nicer fit.

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  1. *phwee* SO happy I found your blog :) Your BFF told me about it ;P

    I'm getting my doll in the mail on Wed. and I was like I HAVE NO CLOTHES FOR HERRRRRRRRRR!! :( She's an Iplehouse Tania. :) I was looking for someone to make an outfit for her but ... I got squat. :(

    Do you use Den of Angels? I'd LOVE to talk you more :) Just hit me up @ or my bloggy :)