Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ok...my mug rug!

Well, I finally got to making one of these cute little things today while the snow piled up outside! I guess for a first attempt it didn't turn out too badly. I have never quilted before and while this probably doesn't technically count but it's as close as I've come. I will guess that is the reason that it took me about three hours to make them!! LOL
I will do a few things differently one the next ones (I cut out four trees and completed two mug rugs). As you can see, the tree is too high and got caught up in the binding but I think it's pretty good otherwise :)
This one I will keep and the other one I did will go to my Mom this weekend as an early gift so she can use it at work.

The tutorial for this tree mug rug came from Jodi at Pleasant-Home. Of course, her's are gorgeous :)

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