Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, it looks like I made it through and none too worse for wear :)
I was a bit late getting my sewn gifts finished but no one went without. I might have finished them the day they were needed but I did get them done! LOL
I took a couple quick pictures of the stash of things I made. I did however forget to snap a shot of the PJ pants I did for my Dad and his wife. (I finished them up quick this morning before we had to leave. lol) They were done out of a Toronto Maple Leafs print flannel :) I told him that he had to wear them for every game from now on because they need all the help they can get these days! LMAO! are some pics...

Aprons for my Mom and

Little knitted mice from a pattern I mentioned in an earlier post. Too Cute!!

Handbag I made for my niece, Holly. She's 13.

Over the shoulder bag I made for my other niece, Jaden. She is 11 :)

I made this quick little knitted cup cozy for my sister. She likes her Timmies!

I also made this pretty patterned gift bag back a bit ago but didn't give it to anyone. I might just have to keep it for me :)

I had also knit the girls some mittens and slippers but they aren't sewn up yet...of course.

I hope everyone has had a blessed Christmas! I know I have...

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  1. ooo i love that bag :D and those mice are so cuuuuuute :D