Thursday, February 24, 2011

The past week.

We had a few nice days late last week and a lot of the snow melted. It was really nice except the result is always a wet basement at our house. It's nothing new to us and over the last four years that we've been here we have been trying to solve the issue. Regardless, this go around the water decided to venture into a new area resulting in our furnace getting fried :( So, since last Friday we've had no heat! least not from our furnace. After two separate parts being ordered we finally have heat back this evening!! YAY!

What I failed to mention was that my sewing room is in the basement and I've not been able to sew! What a bummer! I have a really cool doll outfit to make for a customer and I am so anxious to get going on it. She sends me the coolest pictures of fashion styles from Asia for me to recreate. It really gets the juices flowing :)
Here is a fabric swatch for the outfit. The rest is a secret until finished ;D

In my down time from sewing I have been left to do lots of knitting. I finished three little sweaters for MSD size and am almost done a pair of crazy socks for my youngest daughter :) Now I have to make a second pair for my other daughter because, of course, she loves them too! I will post some pictures in the morning.

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