Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's been 10 days!!!!!

Wow! I can't believe time goes by so quickly. I have gotten absolutely no sewing done in over a week and I'm in withdrawl! Reason being? I've been doing my taxes! Booo! Well, now that I have them finished I'm working :(
So! Hopefully I will get back to the sewing room and finish start sewing that wine bottle carrier that I cut out two weeks ago and had to put aside until I bought some fabric for the lining (I bought it that same day but, of course, had to wash it so that ended my day). I also have a pattern for some little baby slippers that I want to try out with the scraps! Should be cute :)

I have been working on these the last week or so....

Sorry for such a terrible picture but the light is almost gone for today :(
I love these little heirloom baby booties! I do sell them by custom order on my website. I thought I would make up a half dozen pairs or so to take down to the crafter's market downtown. I will post another picture once I have the finishing completed with ribbons.
The market is a nice little store that sells crafter's works for a commision. I love looking around in there! It's very inspiring.

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