Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Crop Sweaters for MSD size Girls

I finally got the buttons sewn on the little sweaters I had finished. I was going to take pictures on the weekend and realized when I went to do it that they had no buttons! How typical! Why can't those dang buttons just sew themselves on and be there when I'm ready for them???
Anyhow, here they are... Now I just need to make outfits for them to go with :)

These are all made from a pattern from Dolls West Designs called Romantic Crop Cardigan. The green one was a bit of an adaptation with shorter sleeves and a straight front with the button up top. These will fit an MSD size girl.
If you are interested in a custom made sweater send me an email. They are $18 each including shipping to Canada or USA. I have these three colours plus white available in Merino wool but I can also make these in acrylic baby yarn in the usual baby colours as well.


  1. Thank you! They are really sweet in person...perfect with a little empire waist dress :)