Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I was awakened before 6 am this morning by a very anxious little girl! My middle child cannot wait for anything. The antisipation just about kills her! It has been a particularly rough weekend for her because we had a birthday party for her little sister's 5th birthday on friday and she had a hard time waiting for that too. At 10am friday morning she was crying because she couldn't wait for guests to arrive for lunch :)

The buckets came from Daddy's house yesterday.
I think he out-did the easter bunny!! No child should have this much stash!!!!

So anyhow, at 6am I sent her back to bed... I know, I'm a mean mom. We got up at 7am and greeted a pile of chocolate and hunted for eggs. I had a nap on the sofa at 9:30am LOL!

Now they are outside in the back yard blowing bubbles (courtesy of the easter bunny) and playing on the swings.

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