Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pink Pants for Ellowyne

I cut these pants out over a month ago and go busy with some other projects. I finished up my wine bottle carrier then decided to do the pants. I think I had put them off because of all the fiddling with the pockets, having to iron the seam allowances down and such but they really weren't that difficult or time consuming at all!!!
These are made from a commercial pattern from Fletcher Pattern Company called Street Charm.
They are made from the cut-offs of a pair of pink denim pants that I had made into capris :)

I learned today that she can stand all by herself!! I didn't like the way her saddle stand was gripping the crotch of her pants LOL so I gave it a try and voila!! I learn something new every day :0)

I was quite impressed because I tried the pants on my Ariel first and the fit was perfect for her too!! (other than she needs an extra inch in length!) So today I busied myself cutting out a blue denim pair for her. I would have sewn them up but I don't have the colour of thread I want for the top stitching.
I think I will get a few pairs done for the website as well.

PS. I will show you a picture of my wine carrier in the next post :)

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