Monday, May 23, 2011

Jeans for Ariel

I finished these up early last week. They are a perfect fit! I even made the hat to match :)

These were fashioned after a pattern from Fletcher Pattern Co. called Street Charm. I had made a pair in pink for Ellowyne that I showed in a previous post.

I changed up the pattern just a bit by eliminating the flaps over the side leg pockets. They were just a bit bulky in denim. I used a black ribbon for the drawstring waist which isn't too bad but I've bought some fine cord to replace it with (I just haven't gotten to doing it yet...imagine that!). All the pockets are working too!

I'm going to be adding these to my website for order in case anyone's interested in a pair :)


  1. that's so cute! :) oh and lookie her hat. ADORABLE!! :D

  2. honey you are a fabulous would think they were kids jeans...very good..gotta get you making quilts...x

  3. Aaah-MAY-zing! yep, quilts would be a piece of cake after this outfit! =)


  4. Thank you all!! They're fun to make although putting the pockets on are a bit tedious. I did learn something though on this second pair...I will attach the back pockets after sewing up the back seam to make sure the pockets are even. As much as I tried to measure them out the same they ended up a little cock-eyed :)

  5. ADORABLE dolls!!!

  6. Oh, just noticed your comment about getting the pockets straight... I have a trick for that.
    At the ironing board, I take the two pieces that need to be identical, stack them if they aren't sewn together, and iron a crease where they should be sewn. Then, it's very easy to position them in exactly the same place on each piece, by using the crease for placement!