Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ellowyne and Pru...

I had a bazillion things on my to-do list for today but ended up playing with dolls instead. I decided that they needed a little freshening up.
I changed Ellowyne's wig. I figured it was time to rinse out the curly one. They are stiff with sizing to hold the curl when they come new. I'll show a picture of it when it's finally dry.
When I removed Pru's wig the little velcro tab that holds the wigs in place came off with it. So I had to glue it back on. I'm not sure how well it will hold but we shall see.
Ellowyne with her wig (It's actually Pru's) changed out.
Prudence will have to wait but she did finally get changed out of her original outfit :)

While I had the glue out I remembered that one of Ellowyne's eyelashes was coming off so I repaired it as well. I took some photos to show how easy it is to do.

Here you can see her flopping eyelash.

I use my trusty GemTac for quite a few projects. It holds really well to most surfaces.

Using a toothpick, I take a small dab of glue and place it along the lash line, right where the vinyl meets the eye.

Small smudge of glue along the lash line.

Now, using the clean end of the toothpick, push the eyelash back into place.
You can clean any excess glue off the eye with the tip of the toothpick. The glue will dry clear.

Ta Da!! All done :)
Good as new!!


  1. very nice :) she's a really pretty girl, where did you get her?

  2. Thanks, Jenn! They are both vinyl Tonner dolls. You can find them at Wilde Imaginations :) Ellowyne Wilde and her best friend Prudence. I have fun with them and they are great to sew for!